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When you turn 18 it is your show!

When you turn 18 it’s your show, not your parents. If you've had a great childhood— bonus. If you've experienced a not so pleasant childhood—double bonus. If you you've experienced a tragic and seemingly tortuous childhood—JACKPOT! I mean this with much love and deep respect for the trauma you experienced. You can use all of it to empower you. Parents are human too. This is an emotional and spiritual treasure chest. If you will claim your journey for your own, if you will face it all with curiosity and compassion for all experiences and participants you can spin it into literal gold—golden energy which will attract abundance in all areas and in all aspects of your life. Choose empowerment with your freedom. Use your challenges and experiences as steps toward your own personal paradise. Especially If you are a young adult this is prime time for you. You have accumulated experiences and patterns from you journey, your parents, peers, siblings and environment. They are not so deeply entrenched that you can not pull all the nuggets in and let go of the rubbish. You can still feel your intuitive guidance bubbling under the surface. You may not have been encouraged to listen to this part of your experience. That heart resonance that goes against the grain of your ancestors, for they led with head, intellect and logic. Now is a massive transitional time and we need you to remember why you are here. To use that heart resonance first and then apply logic and intellect next. It feels so different to the older generations and it is how they survived their Zeitgeist ( I just love this word). Your parents may be concerned with your choices because it looks different then the ways with which they have succeeded in life. However, have they really succeeded in a way that is balanced, loving and harmonious? Some have, but not many. If they have, then bonus. If they have not, than perhaps you are here to direct the flow of the future. It will be challenging for them to watch because they will want to protect you. Hold tight to your knowing, your gut, your heart of hearts (your higher heart which is just out from your heart chakra), that voice that all ways steers you with constant accuracy. Do you long for simplicity, unity, harmony and a rich life? A life of abundance in all facets of your life, not just monetary but including it. Do you look around at the chaos and wonder how things got this way? If you are crazy? Do you notice the functioning disfunction that they call "normal". You are chosen to bring about change for this particular time in the Cosmic Story of Earth in the Multiverse, this is your Zeitgeist. Choose every experience as an opportunity to rise into the awareness of the divine being you are and to discover your soul's purpose.

This Way Out
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