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Instant Karma is Beneficial Karma💫💕

I'm contemplating this notion of karma and that it is not a some sort of punishment, more of an energy balance and a healing opportunity for your self and your piece of the collective consciousness. So when you heal your piece it is healed for the many you are connected to, and spreads like wildfire. Karma is perhaps our personal actions and what we feel in the moment. Are we able to deal with it in the moment or do we push it down or ignore its call. Are others perhaps made to feel the effects of our actions? Is it what they choose to do with the energy that rises within them? The Universe is not the judge of these things the Universe is all emotions and a loving observer, from my humble opinion. I believe the Universe seeks harmony in all ways.

Perhaps every time you deny your heart expansion you create karma, when you deny yourself love your create karma. When you do not speak what is meant to be spoken or not respond when a time for action is called for you create karma. Again this is not a punishment but a gift, an opportunity to take the moment and honor it, to see it clearly, to love it and see all of its facets. When you master your emotions, mind, and actions you master karma. You decide how you will experience your life, as a victim or as an empowered and sovereign being. If you feel guilt but do not judge it, do not act upon it then you do not create karma. If you feel shameful and really look at it with curiosity see all of its facets and then do not judge yourself or another your create love and change the karmic flow to that of beneficial karma..

This Way Out
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