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The Discipline of Healing

As you awaken and as you seek to heal the stuck energy that has kept you down, kept you circling on the wheel of karma, you release blockages of stuck energy.

I will tell you it is not for the faint of heart. And it's 100% worth it! It becomes a discipline. Similar to working out you make the effort and then shortly the soreness the tenderness comes. But the strength that replaces is very much worth it. As you encourage the junk to surface you will experience moments of discomfort, physical pain and emotional upheaval. I do not imply this as a curse, and life will inevitably get your attention if you are meant to heal this particular piece in this lifetime. Wouldn't it be better if you take things into your own hands and manage it bits at a time. As a discipline you can practice a little every day. Being present is the first step. Becoming aware is next. Aware of your body, your mind and your emotions. What are your triggers? When you were triggered where do you feel it in your body? Recognizing, managing and releasing is a discipline that will make you physically mentally and emotionally free. And then asking for guidance from that thing is bigger than us, "Please take this". Decide what belongs in your own personal paradise, is this a feeling or emotion that you would like to experience? If it is not thank it and send it packing. You are the creator of your life! Are you disciplined enough to create Paradise!?

Using Fear as a welcomed opponent. In observing your ego, that part of the ego that is triggered by fear. I was able to visualize fear in a new way. I imagine fear as one giant monster that can break off into many different elements. I see myself as a samurai. I look at these tiny fear monsters as my opponents in a training session. They are not there to harm me they are there to show me where I have weakness or an unhealed place in my energy field.
When you look at a spiritual awakening as a discipline you can face it with a sense of appreciation and awareness. They are there to train you to show you what tools you need and how to embrace your struggles and allow them to empower you.

A trigger is something that evokes a response from within your emotional awareness that creates a sort of negatively perceived reflex. Becoming aware of the trigger is a big part of the equation. However one of the most important parts is a desire to find the trigger in the first place. A desire to feel better, to live better to be free from the ego, from fear itself.

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