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This where you can step into an upward spiral

These are the sources I have vetted, worked with and bathed in their magic. After receiving engagement from these sources of Divine and Spirited Way Showers, I have come out feeling empowered, expansive, enlightened and with more clarity of my souls journey and purpose.  Each with their own creative expression and all equally gifted to intuitively guide and assist with big love, rich devotion, and deep desire to shine a light towards or your personal truth. 

Maya Joy KahNah

What can I say about Maya...It has been a true joy to work with her.  Her magic, her passion and her gifts are strong.  She has assisted me with Twin Flame relationship awareness/healing/alignment, Astrology, Messages from my guides, intuitive and tarot card guidance.  Jam packed with love, light, magic and a true desire to assist me on my souls discovery of self. 

Marla Kelly

Marla Kelly a true Goddess in her own rite offers many gifts of guidance, clarity and direction.  Through the use of Astrology, mythology, tarot, messages from the god/goddess' and a deep connection to spirit she has offered me much magic in her readings.  You can also find her on Facebook under Twinstrology and Eclipse Astrology and Tarot.

Stephanie Patel

Stephanie's gifts to me were having a deep and pure intention to share openly and honestly. Her drive for getting to the core of it is part of her magic. Assisting you in achieving your highest experience possible is the goal. If you desire to open up to the Universe, to connect with a loved one in spirit, ready to drill down to find out where you aren't speaking form an authentic place, or just desire to expand your consciousness, Stephanie is a truly WonderFull source to connect with on any level. So many gifts, so much life experience and so much passion is a magnificent combination. 

Patricia Dancingelk Walls

Working with Patricia is like working with Ancient Earth Magic coupled with Star Nation Wisdom.  Her Past Life Regressions and QHHT sessions are seriously impactful to your healing.  This combined with her gifts for moving energy with numerous healing modalities she guides in many upward shifts into your reality almost instantly.  Her Journeys and guided meditations are masterful as well as her trips to visit your Akashic records. Soul retrieval,Sacred Activations, ancient tribal healing and so many other gifts are also apart of her magical healing tool belt.  

Checkout her Wombyn Retreats, hosted twice a year, for intense and focused healing.  

Lis Harlow

Lis Harlow guides you toward understanding and interpreting your dreams.  She has a way of revealing treasure that our dreams hold for us so that way may receive the message clearly and continure self mastery. She offers individual dream assistance as well as month long coaching to arm you with life long mastery. Investing and connecting with your dreams is truly a priceless tool.

Irina Silva

Past Life Therapies and Constellations Coach

Irina has a truly peaceful presences.  My time with her has been richly grounding and magical.  She has so many gifts to share.  Particularly her Past Life/Alternate Reality Experiences are truly healing and profound. Her work with Constellations is also a powerful healing tool. 

Julie Day and Marco Nunez

A Dynamic Duo to say the least.  Just as their website proclaims Practical Mystics indeed.  Real world vibe with super spiritual magic. The time I spent with them was Deeply philosophical, magical and like using a laser beam to target the healing at hand, it was efficient, swift and direct. Between the 2 of them you will find many gifts.  Connecting with your Higher Self, Astrology and North Node precision, Spiritual Counseling, Chrysalis Intensive, and Accelerated Coaching.  Check out their website its packed with goodies. 


Jenny Shiltz Spiritual Guide

Jenny Shiltz is WonderFull!  So much magic and life experience, If you want to work with Elemental or Galactic Energies, If you want to heal, discover, and empower yourself she is a true master of her energy and experience.  I have received profound insight, clarity, healing and expansion working with her. She is playful, diligent, super grounded in her gifts, and armed with incredible expansion of awareness.  She is a delight and truly gifted spiritual guide.  

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