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I work with you one on one exclusively for 3 months. We have an introductory session, where we determine where you are, and where you want to go. Then we make an action plan. This could include any of the following;


Schedule will be custom fit for your needs.

 * Example

 3 - 1 hour sessions

 3 - 30 minutes sessions
 3 - energy shifting sessions

12 - text message support messages in response to your needs


Verbal Energy Alignment

Shared Experience Awareness and Clarity

Reiki Healing




Written Homework

Outsourced Connections

Tarot Card Messages

Channeled Messages from Higher Self, loved ones or higher light beings. 

The thing I would have enjoyed to have as I was discovering all the magic around me, was engaged guidance. My experience was that of a piecemeal situation and to have some one who was interested in all aspects of my unfolding would have made it extra magical and a more cohesive experience.  I hope to offer you this.


Spiral Higher - Quarterly

  • We have several options for connecting.

    Zoom, Skype, FaceBook, FaceTime, or phone chat.

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