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For sale on Amazon - Magical AF - Quick Hits of Alighnment For a Modern Alchemist by Amy Fitz


MAGICAL AF is a combination of many facets of spirituality. It is both modern and ancient bringing a multitude of worlds together. Titled from my initials and the current social speak. I’m grateful to catch your eye and hopefully a little giggle. Full of bite-sized wisdom it offers guidance, clarity, and direction as a guidebook for those who seek fast everyday magic in a practical, fun, and grounded way.

The book invites its readers back to their power to live in homeostasis. It addresses both the light and heavy emotional aspects of the human experience. Also included are tricks for healthy communication needed for everyday interactions and deepening sought-after relationships.

It is for those who have forgotten their divinity and now desire to claim their reality. An inclusive, intuitive, and grounded gold mine of useful tricks for people at any level of a spiritual awakening or with a deep desire to create more of the life they dream of.

World Peace is my aim. A lofty notion I know. When we are in full awareness of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies we make way for ultimate self-mastery and the life we truly desire. Each human has a soul-inspired blueprint. From this design, you can uniquely manifest through your open heart. The more healed the heart is, the more we can attract our greatest soul desires. It’s an inside job. When our collective hearts are clear can you imagine the kind of reality we can create? Understanding how to actively reach for this level of emotional awareness is the trick.

I hope this book is sprinkled around the world to meet the needs of the global emotional evolution that is happening.

MAGICAL AF will appeal to those deep in the nitty-gritty of life, hoping there is more to life than they can see. It’s a masterful tool for anxiety-ridden souls who care deeply for humanity, who don’t quite know how to feel empowered in the world, like the Enneagram 9’s and 6’s. Thoughtful and easy to digest, this book will be something that many can connect with and want to keep handy as a practical guidebook.

Altogether it brings the reader practical tools, introspection, emotional awareness, encouragement, and actionable steps to feel empowered in every way every day.      

Magical AF - Quick Hits of Alignment For a Modern Alchemist

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