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Let's work together for a year. We will dive in to all aspects of your life and how you can make higher consciousness choices. I will help you develop grounded and empowered actions toward becoming the Creator of your reality. Together we will find your natural opening onto the spiral and go from there. I can meet you wherever you are in your awakening of self and soul recognition.


Living a Heart centered Life...
Imagine yourself in a circling pattern of existence and visualize the energy you spend walking around that same circle day after day after day. Now imagine yourself reaching for something new, something different, something effortless that lifts you as you continue walking your circle. Something that embraces and guides you with ease, towards a more balanced existence. I invite you to reach higher. Higher with your thoughts, actions and emotions. A journey free of attachment. Ajourney of empowerment and authentic freedom. We are all here to reveal greatness.--to uncover our light beneath layers of fear and stuck energy to fully expose the divine within. Ask and you shall receive. Shift from leading with your mind and your ego to leading with your heart. It begins with a space in your thought process...a desire to rise.

BeLovEd - 1 Year Soul Discovery Guide

  • This can be set up for recurring payments for no extra charge. However a $300 discount is available if paid in full.

  • You will receive curriculum and a syllabus to guide you every step of the way, custom-fit to your needs.

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