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History Revealed

I have recognized that past life experiences can hold the key to our future success. The more you reveal, understand, heal and release these buried treasures you can rise effortlessly through ascension and emotional freedom and spiral toward success in love, peace and harmony.  Understanding the pattern of karmic debt and the deep healing of forgiveness and for seeing a situation from a different perspective can be exponentially transformational to all of your relationships. This is experience can also help guide you in the way that you respond to life in the present moment.  I had a friend ask me one time how could I be sure that it wasn't just my mind tricking me.  I believe that every thing is in service to my growth and even though I could not prove it, it did reveal some form of clarity to me.  Many of these experiences can up for clearing even if Past Lives are not understood, the reality is that there has likely been a thread in this life and it can direct you to the healing.  

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