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Connect With Your Guidance Council 

Connect with your team.  Who are your guides? Determine how best do you hear, feel and sense them.  By raising your vibration and frequency you can connect with higher guidance.  Our guides shift in and out based on our current position and task at hand.  Just as people come and go in your 3D experience once lessons have been learned, the gift shared, the message relayed or the karma has been healed they may move on to other experiences.  We continue to evolve in the Earth Realm and beyond.


You can get a feel for your guides by connection with a psychic medium who will act as channel for introduction.  This is your team and they are here to protect and serve.  Ultimately we want to secure a firm connection with our higher self, this is your own personal pure aspect of source energy that is in charge of guiding all of your incarnations and soul aspects in other realms. 

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