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Energy Alchemy

You create energy alchemy through intention, aligned chakras, healed aura and soul aspects. Also the dissolving of the veils, the remembering and the revealing of the unknown. The Alchemy of Life...Awakening!

Awakening is revelations. That revealing of the truth, all truths. 

Eternal youth

Self healing

Emotional freedom

Perfect abundance

The dissolving of fear

The removal

- of the lenses that distort our vision

-the filters from our hearing

-the shrouds from our. Physical presence

-the lock from our expression

-obscuring the scent of paradise

-The knowing of freedom, love, liberation, peace and harmony.

Dimensional Unity in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual,

etheric, planetary and cosmic convergence and divine entanglement!

We are the author of our life!?!  Every word we speak we create physically. Visualize your words creating and becoming real. Where do your words come from…your head, your ego…your heart…fear…love? Listen to your words.  In the past the words would seem to fall out of my mouth without thought or intention. No wonder there was clutter in my life…ha! And then take another step. What are your thoughts? From what I understand everything is telepathy. You think it, you’re sending it. I suppose this is also a benefit of meditation. Moments when we are not thinking…spinning webs…creating without true intention. When we stop the mind we are receiving…receiving guidance and goodness. Checking in with those who have access to the bigger picture.
I am attempting to take more time to clear my mind, I don’t believe meditation is just about sitting quietly in the corner. You can be outside walking in nature and just quieting your mind…daydreaming…listening…being.
YOU ARE the author of your life! Create your hearts desires!
It's time to take responsibility for your thoughts. It's time to see the beauty you have the power to create. What do your thoughts look like? What does your life look like? After all, your life is a manifestation of your thoughts, words and actions. What if people could read your mind? Do you speak from a place of love and compassion? When you're speaking about yourself or someone else, create a space and think, does this raise them up or does it raise me up? Does it lower them or does it lower me? Does this thought bring beauty to my world? When the day comes where every thought we have is heard and seen what will your world look like?

Let me show you have to be an Energy Alchemist. 

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