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Let the planets and energies of the cosmos be your guide.  Lets chat about Mercury In Retrograde. This is how I experience it. Its like a giant cosmic spoon stirring the energies in my body. I found the term fractionation to be clarifying for my understanding. Fractionation per Wikipedia is a separation process in which a certain quantity of a mixture is divided during a phase transition, into a number of smaller quantities (fractions) in which the composition varies according to a gradient.

  When I first began to notice the effects of MIR I was in quite an emotional state.  I happened to mention it to a friend and she casually said, “Oh, it’s Mercury in Retrograde, it will pass.”  Hmmm…I remember wondering why was I just now aware of such an impactful cosmic alignment?  Fast forward 3 years now have a clearer understanding of the process and it is exactly that…a process of purification.  Purification; the process of making something SPIRITually or ceremonially clean.  To me this is our body mind and spirit becoming pure energetically.  There are 5 basic energy bodies that we have, Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  When Mercury starts in its shadow phase I imagine that my body and energy fields are being scanned, scanned to determine what is the best piece of healing to activate at this time, which coincides with our life plan and the planets in our Astrological chart.  Then enter the spoon, Mercury goes retrograde.  The stirring energy begins to activate the selected sediments to be released these energies become energized and I can feel them in my body (physical body) and once I draw my attention to this place of physicality I can take notes on the location.  Then I can take some action to assist the energy in moving out of my body.   I can administer Reiki, take a salt bath, take a walk and use nature to help, practice Qigong drink plenty of water to keep the flow moving, receive a chiropractic or acupuncture adjustment and/or all of the above.  

Next it seems to pass through the Etheric Body, which to me is the energy body we are left with when our physical body dies it is encoded with our memories and genetic coding for this lifetime and doesn’t have the limitations of the body.  I can pinpoint some aspect of this as  it is happening it feel like confusion.  Like when you stir water from the ocean and the particles muddy the water.  I feel a bit foggy and out of sorts.  

Then the energy passes through the Emotional Body…this is where the feels start coming.  The tears, the anger, the frustration, sadness any low vibrational emotion that I have shoved down from the past is wanting its time in the sun.  It wants to be felt, honored and released.  It only weighs me down and as the planet and my body along with it desire to ascend this is a necessary undertaking and part of the magic of healing my soul.   

Then on to the Mental body (the mind), to me this is where we comprehend the energy that is leaving our body, mind and spirit.  The memory itself can surface.  Also, I have notice that the Universe will conspire to assist in this endeavor.  By creating an opportunity to feel that particular experience again.  This can come to me in a movie scene, a book, a person and or an experience.  This serves to highlight and stimulate the emotion and attach all similar emotions for release.  

On to the last (that I am currently aware of) the Spiritual Body.  To me this is where I spin it out to the light.  Where I alchemize it into love.  Where I put all of the pieces together and find clarity.  Where the sand settles and I can see how the experience may have helped me.  Where I receive the gift of insight, collect the nugget and send the unnecessary packaging away.  R 

I believe the process is set in motion by our higher self with our team assisting on high.  It is truly in service of our highest good and has now become a deep honor to witness every time it arrives.  Please share with me you experience, I would love to know how this shows up in your world. 

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