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Get High on the Spiral

I'm inspired to attempt to explain how we change our vibration, raise our frequency and what effect it has on our life experiences. Just go with me for a bit as I intend to create a visual experience in understanding Collective Coscoousness through my words.


Imagine the collective consciousness as a multitude of bubbles all sizes based on the amount of people participating in the same particular thoughts. There is a bubble for every experience known and unknown to man.  Male/female collective, pet owner collective, lost loved ones collective, divorce collective and happily married collective.  Cultural, zodiac, genetic collective.  Happy places, sad, horrific, tragic, melancholy, artistic, destructive, loving, adventurous...and of course the places are limitless.    Obviously you can be in several bubbles at one time .  Anytime you are in one of these bubbles you can stay as long as you like or leave it and transcend to a higher frequency,  leaving it better than you found it and forging a path for others to follow .   We are not responsible for the whole bubble, we are only responsible for our own rising.  We can light the way depending on the situation.  The more peeps that transition from one of tragedy and discomfort,  the smaller that bubble becomes and possibly even disappearing.    What if there is one person left in the bubble,  do they rise or sink?   It can go both ways.  We can lose emotional suffering thoughts of depression completely or we can lose thoughts of playful mischief, rainbows, magic and unicorns.  Also imagine when you're in a bubble of a extreme emotion distress you're in there with a whole bunch of other people with extreme emotional  distress  and conversely you can be in one with those who are thinking loving, peaceful and  playful thoughts.   We can stay as long as we like in there...get all warm and cozy.  We can stay forever, we have free will.  Maybe we like it right where we are.   I don't necessarily believe that being in a lower frequency bubble is a bad thing sometimes it's exactly what we need to find experience, understanding and compassion.  Its our journey to navigate.   Seems fair enough.  Except that this plan is not very publisized or maybe just not understood.   My intention is to break it down and spread the word.  Its like instructions to a game, you can wing it, or actually navigate with strategy.


Just think a happy thought!  This how we raise our vibration and frequency.  From my layman understanding your vibration is the speed at which our light moves.  Frequency is the quality of our thoughts.  Crummy thoughts low frequency...happy thoughts higher frequency.  Our vibration increases as we adjust our frequency.  I believe this is done through a healthy psyche, conscious healthy, thinking, eating living and a clear energy field.


I believe that each day we get a new start. However, whatever vibration you held the previous day for the longest amount of time is what frequency you start in the next day. Once you have held a certain frequency at a steady level for a certain amount of time you are reset at a new level and do not go below a certain frequency. The lower frequencies don't even become a part of your experience anymore. Navigating these pockets of consciousness is where we get to exercise our free will. Where we literally create out own future and experience.  Our thoughts really do create our reality.

Back to the bubbles...they are existing at a certain vibrational frequency, in a low vs. high position. The higher the frequency the faster your energy is vibrating, the happier you life will be, moving quickly, efficiently, fluid and harmonic with instant manifestations... more like heaven. The lower the frequency the slower your energy is vibrating, the crappier you life will feel. Things will always seem not to go your way, time moves slowly and you are constantly met with obstacles on your path, never seeming to get out of a rut...more like Hell!  No judgement about your path...maybe you are here to learn lessons.  I just want every one to be able to consciously choose.


Realize that it is not the intention of GUS (God/Source/Universe) to keep you here in a low vibration. We have free will and we at times get stuck in that rut thinking that this is my lot...I'm supposed to be here.


AHHHHH...not so much! It is our mission to ascend. To rise in vibration and experience Heaven on Earth. Somehow we have forgotten or been convinced that we are not Divine beings. That we are broken, flawed, sick and unworthy. This is simply not true, but like so many I bought in to it for a bit myself. But I am a Divine Goddess and I do not like to live in Hell!!!!!  I definitely prefer Paradise so I am never inclined to stay outside of Paradise for too long. I have been told I have good bounce.;D


So here is how I do it.


One morning, just before I woke, a funk set in. It started my whole morning off wacky. Feeling irritated and frustrated, whining about complaints of old. Very quickly I realize I am in a low frequency bubble. A collective consciousness bubble with all of the above energies. I start becoming aware that I don't enjoy it, I'm not having fun. I am definitely not living my bliss. I'm not Happy!!! At this point is where I take control of my vibration. I acknowledge that if the emotions I'm feeling are serving a purpose that they will surface and leave as quickly as they arrived.  Emotions are like the weather.  They come and go in varying temperature, storms, clouds, sunshine, fog, rain, etc..  It is my free will to be Happy. So I sit down in meditation for 5 minutes. I call on those who can help to relieve me of these feelings, thoughts and/or emotions. I remind myself that I am of the light and I call on the light to expose and heal what has presented itself. And then I trust. I trust the there is a Divine plan. I go outside and enjoy nature for a few minutes. I put on a happy song. I recount the gifts in my life. All of these things raise my vibration. Removing me from the funk bubble and raising me up to another bubble of collective consciousness...Yes this one feels much better.


Realize that this could have gone the complete and opposite direction. I could have let it spiral downward and out of control and then I would have gotten sucked into the bubble below me...and who knows what is down there!?!?  One minute you there minding your own business, feeling  funky, thinking funky, speaking the funk, spreading it around...and then BAM!   You fall right out of that  bubble into a FUNKIER one...LOL!   Nope...not for me!


We have always been told that misery loves company and mind the company you keep. Look around. Listen to your thoughts. Observe your journey. How are you responding to life. <strong><em>Your vibrations is showing</em></strong> you your frequency. Are you stuck, dropping out of the bottom or ascending. Empower yourself to respond to life.


I have been accused of living in my own little world...and this is a very true assessment. It is a beautiful, loving, kind, sharing and happy place. Join me...Its super good vibrations and it has disco balls!

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